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November 2001 Minutes

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Board of Directors Meeting
November 17, 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana


President Isenhour called to order at 9:05.

Directors present:  Ron Brigman, Jim Conant, Paul Hempel, Bob Fish, Steve Pietila, John Pilger, Jack Pixley, Joseph Sauter, Marion Schroll, Jerry Isenhour.

Directors absent:  Michaele Dempsey (excused due to illness) and Jim Baynes.

Guests present:  Jim Brewer, Victor Imgarten, Suzanne Dombrowski, Bo Tasso, John Bordelon, Hans Marsen, Renee Brigman, Mark Kennedy.

Staff present:  Greg Williamson, Pat Ward, Andrea Shelburne, Melissa Heeke, Ashley Eldridge, Royal Edwards, and Wayne Black.

A motion was made by Bob Fish and seconded by John Pilger to approve the minutes of the August 18, 2001 meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

Mr. Baynes arrived at 9:10.

Mr. Isenhour presented the President's report.

{The report covered the state of the Guild and the state of the industry as well as the welcome of Royal Edwards to the NCSG Staff}.

Mr. Williamson submitted the Executive Directors report.?

{The report covered the increase in the number of members from this time last year, the hiring of Royal Edwards and an update on convention planning and promotion.}

Mr. Pilger submitted the Treasurer's report.?

{The treasurer's report showed a positive financial condition for the NCSG.}

Mr. Sauter made a motion, seconded by Mr. Fish to approve the report with a refund pending on 50245- Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance.  The motion passed unanimously.

{This motion was simply a clarification on a line item and a standard approval.}

Mr. Fish submitted the Region 1 report.

{The report indicated sweeps have a heavy workload in Region 1.  Also of note was the upcoming NER convention to be held February 6-9, 2002 and the D&D to be held in Sturbridge, MA April 14-16, 2002.}

Mr. Brigman submitted the Region 2 report.

{The report showed a potential candidate for writing business insurance for sweeps.  The South Carolina Guild will be celebrating their 25th anniversary.  An update on activities in the South Carolina & the North Carolina Guilds was presented.}

Mr. Ogden submitted the Region 4 report.

{The report indicated that John Bordelon would be on the upcoming ballot for Region 4 director.  Other individual who had expressed initial interest had not submitted their nomination forms by the deadline in August.}

Mr. Pixley submitted the Region 5 report.?

{The report indicated that Howard Rowell has agreed to serve, if elected, as Region 5 director.  Promotion of the upcoming NCSG convention has been heavy in this area.}

Mr. Schroll presented the Region 6 report.

{The report indicated that numerous phone calls were made to sweeps in Region 6 promoting membership in the NCSG and soliciting funds for the Tech Center.   Five
presentations were made to various groups promoting Certified Sweeps, NCSG the Tech Center and chimney safety. Two logo complaints were followed up on.}

Mr. Pietila submitted the Region 7 report.

{The report indicated the Governor of Oregon formally declared the first week of October, "Chimney Safety Week".  Local chimney sweeps and hearth retailers are reporting record sales.  Excitement is building for the opening of the Technology Center.  Interest has been expressed by the OCSA in having the CSIA do a one-day review and exam in conjunction with their May Day Convention in 2002.  Concerns continue about sweeps advertising as "certified" when they are not certified by the OCSA or the CSIA..}

In the absence of Mrs. Dempsey, the Region 8 report was reviewed.

{The report showed complaints on logo violators being addressed and a major concern with choosing the correct type of liability insurance.  Additional items in the report included the success of the D&D in August and the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild's September workshop.  The report indicated sweeps in Region 8 were experiencing a heavy workload and being booked out many weeks in advance.  The GSCSG will be holding their Southern California Workshop in Lancaster, CA on 2/9/2002.  A full-day workshop is planned.}

Mr. Baynes submitted the Supplier Representative report.

Mr. Pixley presented the History Committee report.

{The report indicated looking forward to having a permanent home for the NCSG and the CSIA, which will provide space for the history display, museum and library.}

Mr. Imgarten submitted the International Relations committee report.

{The report covered the upcoming ESCHFOE meeting and the invitation of foreign delegates to the 25th anniversary NCSG convention.}

Mr. Hempel submitted the Internet Committee report.?

{The report covered hits on the NCSG and CSIA websites being up substantially.  The software for the new website designs is still under development.  A discussion followed covering online convention registration.  Also discussed: small business servers and the future of the websites.}

Mr. Ogden submitted the Nomination Committee report.?

{The report covered the upcoming election to be held in January.  The only seat being contested is that of Supplier Director.  Although interest was shown in several seats, those expressing interest did not want to give an impression of wanting to replace an existing director.}

Mr. Pixley submitted the Technical Committee report.

{The report expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the committee members during the interim period where the NCSG was without a technical staff person.  Royal Edwards was welcomed as the new NCSG Technical Director.  Mr. Pixley's report indicated he planned on  stepping down as Chairman of the Technical Committee at the February 2002 Convention.}

Old Business

Mr. Brigman made a motion that was seconded by Mr. Pilger that Landmark Education presents a 2-hour introduction at the April 2002 board meeting.  Voting in favor of the motion:  Mr. Baynes, Mr. Brigman, and Mr. Fish, Mr. Hempel, Mr. Ogden, Mr. Pietila, Mr. Pixley, Mr. Sauter, and Mr. Schroll.  Abstaining:  Mr. Isenhour.  Motion was passed unanimously.?

{This was a motion to allow the BOD to see a preview of a communications improvement course that the BOD is considering.}

New Business

Mr. Pilger announced that he intends to seek the Treasurer's seat in 2002.

Mr. Ogden announced that he intends to seek the Secretary's seat in 2002.

Mr. Pietila announced that he intends to seek the Vice-President's seat in 2002.

Mr. Isenhour announced that he intends to seek the President's seat in 2002.

The meeting was recessed at 10:50.

The meeting was reconvened at 4:15.

A motion was made by Mr. Pilger and seconded by Mr. Fish to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.?

These minutes of the November 17, 2001 NCSG Board Meeting have been approved by the NCSG Board of Directors.

A. Bart Ogden, Secretary, NCSG