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November 1998 Minutes


National Chimney Sweep Guild

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Winston-Salem, NC • Embassy Suites, Grand Pavilion • 8:45am




Call to order                                                                                President

Pledge of Allegiance                                                                     President

Determination of quorum                                                            Secretary

Approval of 2007 Minutes                                                           Secretary

Approval of 2008 Minutes                                                           Secretary

President’s Address                                                                      President

Introduction of 2009 – 2010 Directors and Officers                   President

Executive Director’s Address                                                      Executive Director

Treasurer’s Report                                                                      Treasurer

Committee & Task Force Updates                                              Chairs

In Memoriam                                                                                Secretary

Introduction of International Guests                                           President        

Old Business (none reported)

New Business

Comments for the good of the Guild

Adjournment                                                                                President