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February 22 2004 Minutes

Since the official minutes of the board meetings often don't give a full picture of what actually transpired, please don't hesitate to call either your regional or one of the at-large directors. Better yet, come on down to the meetings. All board meetings are open to all members and you are cordially invited to attend to watch, listen, and offer your opinion in person.

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Board of Directors Meeting
February 22, 2004
Myrtle Beach , South Carolina

President Pietila called the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild Board of Directors to order at 8:05am

Directors Present : Paul Anderson , John Bordelon, Ron Brigman, Randy Brooks, Bob Fish, Paul Hempel , Robert Huta, Steve Kuber, Hans Marsen, Steve Pietila, Thomas Rhines, Howard Rowell, , Marion Schroll ,

Staff Present : Mark McSweeney, Royal Edwards , Melissa Heeke , and Wayne Black

Guests Present: Stephanie Williams, Renee Brigman, Victor Imgarten, Susanne Dombrowski , Jim Brewer, Greg Polakow, B Tasso, Diane Pilger, Jeff Gitlin.

A motion was made by Howard Rowell and seconded by Hans Marsen to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2004 National Chimney Sweep Guild board of directors meeting. Motion passes unanimously.

President 's Report : As submitted by Steve Pietila

Treasurer's Report: As submitted by Ron Brigman.

Executive Director's Report: Submitted by Mark McSweeney. A discussion was held regarding feedback received on the convention and trade show.

Legal Report: Submitted by Wayne Black. A discussion was held regarding the relationship between NCSG and CSIA.

Regional Reports:

Region 1 : As submitted by Bob Fish

Region 2 : As submitted by Ron Brigman

Region 3: Submitted by Thomas Rhines

Region 4: As submitted by John Bordelon

Region 5: As submitted by Howard Rowell

Region 6: As submitted by Marion Schroll

Region 7: As submitted by Steve Pietila

Region 8: As submitted by Randy Brooks

Supplier Representative : As submitted by Robert Huta

Committee Reports:
History Committee: Hans Marsen announced the beginning of a series of interviews with founding members.

Old Business:
Steve Kuber inquired about the status of the Vendor Survey, which has been referred back to the committee.
New Business:
Steve Pietila announced the following as committee chairs for this year:
Bylaws – Howard Rowell

Nomination – Paul Hempel
Affiliated Trades – Victor Imgarten and Bob Fish
Long Range Planning – Howard Rowell
Membership – Thomas Rhines and Paul Anderson
Ethics – Randy Brooks
Internet – Paul Hempel
History – Hans Marsen
Foreign Relations – Victor Imgarten
Canadian Liaison – Vince and Yvette Aube
Convention Committee – Robert Huta
Trade Development Marketing – Greg Polakow

Steve Pietila presented the following as CSIA directors for consideration:
Howard Rowell, Paul Hempel , Robert Huta, Jim Brewer, Greg Polakow, Ron Brigman, Bo Tasso, John Pilger and John Meredith .
A motion was made by Paul Anderson and seconded by Bob Fish to approve the slate of CSIA directors as presented. Motion passes unanimously.
The meeting was recessed at 8:50 am .
The meeting was reconvened at 9:48 am .
The dates for the 2004 board meetings have been established as:
Long Range Planning Meeting - May 12 &13
Budget Meeting – August 10 ( 1:00 pm start) & 11 ( 8:00 am start)

A motion was made by Robert Huta and seconded by John Bordelon to adjourn the meeting of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Motion passes unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 am .