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August 2001 Minutes

Since the official minutes of the board meetings often don't give a decent picture of what actually transpired, here are the minutes with a bit of the discussion and some commentary included in {brackets} and italics to help round out your view. It still won't give you the full scoop, but hopefully it will help. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call either your regional or one of the at-large directors. Better yet, come on down to the meetings. All board meetings are open to all members and you are cordially invited to attend to watch, listen, and offer your opinion in person. We'd love to see you there.

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Board of Directors Meeting
August 18, 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana

President Jerry Isenhour called the meeting called to order at 8:30.

Directors present: Jim Baynes, Ron Brigman, Jim Conant (ex-officio), Michaele Dempsey, Paul Hempel, Bob Fish, Steve Pietila, John Pilger, Jack Pixley, Joe Sauter, Marion Schroll, Jerry Isenhour.

Directors absent: Bart Ogden due to illness.

Guests present: Bo Tasso, Victor Imgarten, Pete Luter, Daniel Dempsey, and Renee Brigman.

Staff present: Greg Williamson, Melissa Heeke, Pat Ward, and Art Garrett.

A motion was made to approve the Minutes of the April 21, 2001 meeting by John Pilger and seconded by Bob Fish. The motion was approved unanimously.

Mr. Isenhour presented the President's report.

Mr. Williamson submitted the Executive Director's report. He also stated progress on board of directors' minutes history books, Standard Operating Procedures, employee manuals, and the search for the Technical Director position.

Mr. Pilger submitted the Treasurer's report. Mr. Sauter made a motion, which was seconded by Mr. Fish, to approve the report as submitted. The motion was passed unanimously.

Mr. Garrett presented the Legal report.

Mr. Imgarten presented the Foreign Relations Committee report.
{Plans are being made to attend next year's ESCHFOE meeting. A NCSG sponsored trip to Italy is being looked at that will be open to all members.}

Mr. Hempel presented the Internet Committee report.
{Mr. Hempel discussed upgrading the website software. Mr. Schroll discussed the NCSG member email discussion list.}

Mrs. Dempsey presented the Membership Committee report.
{The committee has made good progress with recruitment with a total of 93 new members as of mid-July.}

Mr. Williamson presented the Nomination Committee report in the absence of Mr. Ogden.
{As of the August meeting all upcoming elective spots have candidates including Region 4 and Supplier director.}

Mr. Pilger submitted the Canadian Liaison Committee report.

Mr. Brewer gave an update on the progress of the Codes and Standards Committee.

Mr. Fish submitted the Region 1 report.
{Many workshops are being held by the state guilds and excitement is running high in anticipation of the completion of the Technology Center.}

Mr. Brigman submitted the Region 2 report.
{Sweeps in Mr. Brigman's region have asked about liability insurance and would like the Guild to gather sources of insurance. Mr. Brigman attended the June meeting of the NC Guild in Greensboro. Virginia reported a sluggish summer. North Carolina has plans for Operation Safe Sweep, a community service effort taking place in the fall. South Carolina reported a successful workshop at Paul Anderson's home in June. The SC guild has placed an order for 1000 of the 25th year anniversary commemorative Lucky Dale Dolls. The Georgia Guild has a new president, John Susong (Chimney Solutions). Florida is planning an August meeting and seminar.}

Mr. Sauter submitted the Region 3 report.
{The Indiana Chimney Sweep Guild has voted to dissolve their NCSG charter membership agreement. Marge Padgitt has reported to Mr. Sauter that the Midwest Chimney Safety Council has 12 states and 48 company members.}

Mr. Schroll submitted the Region 6 report.
{Mr. Schroll reported 5-15 hours per week adding members to the NCSG member discussion list, telephone calls into Region 6 to reach current members, recently expired members and prospective members. Approximately 30 hours has been spent researching information on bar code printers and readers. 2 logo violations complaints from Region 6 members have been responded to.}

Mrs. Dempsey submitted the Region 8 report.
{Mrs. Dempsey reported on the success of the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild's convention and the upcoming D&D seminar as well as the upcoming F.I.R.E. Seminars.}

Mr. Baynes submitted the Supplier Representative report.
{He expressed that he will continue to work with the board after he leaves the Supplier Representative position.}

Mr. Pietila submitted a Long Range Planning report.

The meeting was recessed at 10:04.

The meeting was reconvened at 3:16.

A motion was made by Mr. Pilger and seconded by Mr. Fish to approve the 2001-2002 budget as submitted. Voting in favor: Mr. Pilger, Mr. Baynes, Mr. Pietila, Mr. Pixley, Mr. Hempel, Mr. Fish, and Mr. Brigman. The motion was passed.

A motion was made by Mr. Pilger and seconded by Mr. Fish to make a $20,000 donation to the CSIA building fund. Voting to approve the motion: Mr. Schroll, Mr. Hempel, Mr. Baynes, Mr. Pixley, Mr. Pilger, Mr. Fish, and Mr. Brigman. Abstained: Mr. Pietila.

A motion was made by Mr. Baynes and seconded by Mr. Fish to amend the approved minutes of the April 21, 2001 board meeting to read: "Jim Baynes presented the Supplier report. A discussion followed to include the poor quality of service received from the Freeman Company at the Denver convention." Voting in favor: Mr. Schroll, Mr. Hempel, Mr. Baynes, Mr. Pixley, Mr. Pilger, Mr. Fish, Mr. Brigman. Abstained: Mr. Pietila.

A motion was made by Mr. Fish and seconded by Mr. Pilger to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30.

A. Bart Ogden, Secretary, NCSG